Texas Boating Accident Lawyer Attorney

Texas Boating Accident Lawyer Attorney

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More and more of us are making the time to enjoy the beauty of our waterways every year. The recreational possibilities are increasing as the popularity of personal water crafting and motor boating continues to rise. Unfortunately, so are boating accidents.boating accident lawyers
More than 4,000 people are injured and 750 people die in boating accidents annually. Almost 80% of those who die do not wear floatation devices when the accident occurs. And almost 3/4 of the deaths are due to drowning. If you’ve been injured in Texas you should contact an experienced Texas boating accident attorney.
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Similar to auto and bus drivers, operating a boat carries the responsibility of keeping the people on board safe by exercising what is known as reasonable care in preventing injury to others. Yet statistics claim more than 80% of boat operators don’t take a course in boating safety and 40% of accidents that cause injury involve alcohol use and can possibly fall under the category of negligence.

Texas Boating Accident Laws

Federal law states that boating accidents that result in injuries that require more than simple first aid, or result in death of an individual or their disappearance, must be reported within 48 hours to either the Coast Guard or state authorities. Then, after the Boating Accident Report Database system determines if property damage exceeds $500, the accident must be reported within ten days of when it occurs.
There are other maritime laws that are specific to governing waterway safety and what occurs when they are not adhered to. If you or someone you know has experienced a boating accident, it is wise to speak with an attorney with experience in maritime laws and boat accident lawsuits as soon as possible, to file your claim within the limited time period.personal injury attorneys - boat accidents

If you’ve been injured in Texas you should contact an experienced Texas boating accident attorney. Don’t let someone else’s negligence harm you physically or wreak havoc on your life. Our experience with maritime law will provide you with the support and action you need to get on with your life. Call us today at and get the experience you need to protect your rights.
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Public Transit Accidents – Personal Injury Lawyers

Public Transit Accidents

With the rise in gas prices, it is no wonder that many people are turning to public transportation for their everyday needs, from the daily commute to the office to shopping trips or visiting friends. Trains, trams, buses and light rail ferry many passengers each day to their chosen destination, whether it is close by or across several states via a major highway.bus accident lawyers

For some, public transportation is a choice they make in order to be more environmentally friendly, save time and money or get to see more of their city. For others without any other means of transportation, it is a necessity in order to hold down a job or to maintain a social and family life. But, regardless of why they choose it, passengers on public transport all have the sense of security that they will safely reach their destination. In an instant, all that can be shattered in a public transit accident, and there is usually someone at fault.
Accidents on public transport affect many more lives at once than the average car crash, in which just a few passengers are involved. For some victims of public transit accidents, the course of their lives will be changed forever. As a result of faulty equipment, negligent drivers or mismanagement on the part of the owner, public transport accidents can wreck so much more than merely a vehicle, bus or trolley. The owners and operators of these complex systems have a responsibility to protect their passengers and should be held responsible when they don’t.
Some of the ways in which accidents on public transport can happen include:

Parts of poor quality
Disregard of regular maintenance schedules
Employing unqualified drivers
Driver fatigue
Negligent drivers
Rushing to reach the next destination

Public transport crashes often happen at a high speed. This can multiply the amount of damages, injuries and deaths that result. Injuries from public transport accidents can truly ruin many lives. Some of the injuries passengers may face might heal quickly, such as cuts and bruises, but others have long-term consequences, including fractures, broken bones, loss of limbs, disfigurement, head, neck and spinal cord injuries and other devastating health conditions.
If you are the victim of an injury that happened on one of many different types of public transportation, you don’t have to face the future alone. A public transit accident attorney can help you begin to rebuild your life and can make sure you will be taken care of in the future.personal injury lawyers
In many cases, the responsible parties will be difficult to find. The transportation company or government entity is often very large and involves a huge bureaucracy that can seem impossible to navigate, but a public transit accident lawyer can help you fight against these parties, the insurance company and more.
A public transportation injury can cause staggering medical bills and can also prevent you from working, causing you to lose wages while you recover. An accident attorney who has helped other victims of public transportation crashes before can help you exercise your legal right to compensation for pain and suffering, loss of earning potential and hospital bills.

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